Kipe Project School

Project History

Kipe Lazier, Our Founder and President of OCDO, has been able to start this project of a kindergarten school for Vulnerable children and Orphans at Oltukai Village {His village] with a dream of supporting the most vulnerable children and orphans to get free education and better life, as well as achieve their dreams like other kids.

The Vision of the Project School.

The Kipe Project School has a vision of making all vulnerable children and orphans feel happy and fulfill their dreams like other kids and see the world are the best place for them.

What his Mission?

The mission is to support vulnerable children and orphans to shape their future by providing basic education while ensuring they acquire necessities needs such as food, shelter, clothes, good health and books.


When the project started, was started with 25 kids under the tree, where were stones are chairs and table and after 4 month afterward project was manage to have a small class of 3 to 7 meters, that were supported with women from the village and Kipe with other warriors they were made beach’s through wood, and after that progress counties and later after 2 month, project got a sponsorship of 3 desks, books and water, Next week’s project got other three desks and all kids were able to sit comfortably and able to learn to write as well, from there the kids would need to have a professional teacher because Kipe he was not are  teacher by professional and also the government were required to have a professional teacher, Project could not able to paid a professional and found some volunteer and luckily got them and the progress continues, project managed to start have a breakfast but unfortunately on  the way the services where stopped due to cause of water, in the area out of vulnerable conditions the WATER is a biggest problem, especially summer season, and through 2021 the area were so very dried and HAS NO water at all people went on trouble, through OCDO, The project and the community were got lucky to have a tank  of 2000 LTS to store water and managed to bought water for first time to a project of school and community in general. From there the project succeed again to build a big ordinary class and kids were able to stay very comfortable with a big space for the effort of Kipe and Maasai Women. After that project got some support, including water and donations, and managed to employ professional teachers.

After a while, the problem water project got future support of the water collection system but unfortunately rain in the area the situation of water is the same unfortunately project could not able easy to start again the breakfast supplier because the circumstances are not easy as will need high support to start again.

Support children And Orphans

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